Floor Plan
Building Strata of Crushed Cement, Brick , Clay & Sand
Building Strata of Cement, Brick, Clay & Sand
6.Cities Around Geology
Building our Cities around Geology
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Layers of London
8.Journey Around London Clay
London Clay
Core Sample
Core Sample of London Clay


An Art and Geology project focusing on the geology of London and the area of Elephant and Castle. It explores the Rockingham Street Anomaly, a building site, the fluvial deposits from the River Thames and the clay and chalk of the London Basin. Layers in the work are placed using collected sediments made into earth pigments, and temporary exposures on a building site are captured on film. London’s strata is glimpsed through research and collaboration with the  London Geodiversity Partnership.

A human layer is seen in the collaboration with the public to make drawn and written Thought Fragments and also in the poems by poet and geologist Barbara Cumbers and poet and local historian Anna Robinson. The resulting book and exhibition is an exploration of the texture of a material, an experience, and a layering of human concepts of mapping and planning. A write up by Diana Clements on the Core Sample project and the drill into the Rockingham Anomaly has been published in the Geologists Association Magazine EVENTS & NEWS