Metal Oxidation Prints-One Year Exposure (Reap Project)

Growth Seeding & Cultivation. Metal Oxidation – One Year Exposure prints. Part of the Reap project at Dilston Grove. Everyday objects and sheets of metal were placed in water where evaporation, exposure  and oxidation occurred. Some metals appear as other metals but are only laminated. Metals exposed over time and imprinting the shapes of  themselves into the dust and oxidised colours that seep out, staining the paper beneath.

01. Growth-print in progressReap Circles in Progress – Nine months exposure.

1.A Repeated Unrepeatable Journey (A Ploughed Field)

A repeated unrepeatable Journey. A previous project which explores a ploughed field by collecting the clay, sandstone, limestone, ironstone, marlstone, slate, brick and pieces of terracotta tile that were found there. Raw materials that link the fields surface to the lands natural geology but also materials manipulated or brought to the field by man-made processes. The gathering of these materials represented a displacement and a glimpse of a much greater sense of time. The collected materials were then ground to dust and sprinkled at intervals to capture the movement of water on a journey across the paper. A series of five journeys were made each captured with the same process and for the same length of time.

2.Liquids, Solids & Gases (Isle of Mull)Liquid, Solid & Gas – Isle of Mull.

Soil and Circuitry(1.75m x1m)Circuitry