Diana Clements has written a report on the Core Sample Project and Exhibition in the March 2019 issue to the ‘Magazine of The Geologists’ Association’  and I am also really pleased that one of my works is on the magazine cover.

GA Mag-March 2019

On page 27, 28 & 29 of the GA Magazine:

To read – here is the link to the pdf of the March GA Magazine Volume 18 No 1


TIDEWAY – CHAMBERS WHARF SITE weekly update on 15-3-19

Sharks Tooth Image-Chambers Wharf Weekly Update

The fossilised tooth in the above image was found in excavated material from the shaft at Chambers Wharf. A local artist, Gail Dickerson, has been using excavated material of different soil types. She found the tooth in one of the sample bags of spoil which came from approximately 13 metres deep within the shaft. Archaeologists from the Museum of London (MoLA) believe it to be a fossilised shark tooth, most likely from the Eocene, London Clay geological deposit and around 55 million years old.  MoLA said “it looks a lot like ‘Anomotodon novus’ an extinct shark but a relative of the modern day deep sea dwelling goblin shark, which is around 3 metres long and extends its jaws when feeding”.

(Project in progress which can be seen in ‘London’s Layers & Rivers Diversion‘ menu option on this website)

EXHIBITION  ‘CORE SAMPLE’  9th – 18th November 2018.

Friday 9th November  – The London Geodiversity Partnership will be giving a talk on the geology of this part of London from at 5pm before the preview followed by a talk by the artist at 5.30pm and a Book Launch of the Core Sample Project.

Sunday 18th November at 2pm there will a closing event with poetry readings by  Barbara Cumbers and Anna Robinson.

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